10 Tips for a Stress-Free Party Experience at Cabana Pool Bar


Everyone loves a stress-free party day and we can help you make that happen. Here are Cabana’s Top 10 tips for a Stress-Free Party Experience:

Arrive at the venue at a reasonable time: Sure, you want to be “fashionably late” but nothing is cute about waiting in line when you could have been dancing, singing and sipping on a cocktail inside the venue. Not only will you be able to maximize your party time, arriving early can score you a coveted lounger by the pool.

Buy your tickets in advance: Most of our bigger events are ticketed and it’s easy to get them ahead of time. This eliminates the stress of having to buy them at the door or missing out on your favourite DJ or guest host. Click here to see our events and buy your tickets now.

Bring cash: We get it – It’s annoying to go take out cash, but have you ever lost your credit card before? Now that sucks. Plus, we only accept cash for admission, so save yourself the trip of taking money out at the ATM.

Stay hydrated: Obviously consume your liquid courage, but don’t forget about the H2O. With the sun shining and infectious #DayLife vibes, it is easy to forget a simple task like drinking water. However, the last thing you want is to have to miss out on the fun because you are feeling dehydrated.

Not to sound like your mom, but don’t forget your sunscreen! While you’re partying away, you may forget how strong the sun really is. If you bring sunscreen with you, it will be a constant reminder to re-apply. Hot Girl Summer means being sun kissed – Not sunburnt.

During big events, it is easy to get lost. Set up a meeting point with your friends before the day starts, so if one of you wanders off, you can meet up again with no problems!

Take advantage of our provided transportation: We know that Cabana is a little far, so we have a pre-arranged shuttle which leaves Cabana Pool Bar every 20 minutes starting at 3PM to take guests to Union Station.

Make an entrance: Sign up for guest list, beat the line and get the VIP treatment at the door. Click here to sign up now.

Keep track of your stuff: You may be like “Duh – Of course I would keep track of my stuff”, but while you’re bopping up and down, one often forgets to check that they still have their phone and wallet on them. Keep zippers on bags closed and double check your pockets. You can’t buy that extra drink without your wallet!

Most importantly, don’t be THAT friend: Know your limits and party safe. No one wants to leave the party early.

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